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How to Find the Best Company in Town for a Major Auto Collision Repair

Searching the best auto repair shop is a quest that requires a lot of consultation and reviews before we make a final decision of handing our car over to the auto repair company.

While auto repair companies differ greatly in their repair estimates, the real problem arises when you search for a company to get your highly damaged vehicle repaired, after a major collision.

In such situations, it is not that uncommon to receive repair estimates ranging from $500 – $2000 approximately.

So which company should you go for and is it OK to choose the company which offers you lower repair cost?

There is no hard and fast rule that a company that charges more for repair is more reliable than the one which is charging less. You can gauge a lot about a company’s performance just by visiting their repair shop.

In other words, you will not need to scratch too much under the surface to realize if you are dealing with a quality repair shop for collision repair or you need to review your decision.

However, to assist you with that, let us have a look at the most basic things that you must consider in order to choose the best auto repair company in town for a major collision repair.

Learn From The Experiences Of Others

With the wide range of reviews available online, it is very easy to know about the performance of a company by going through the reviews of past and current customers. Moreover, you may also get the recommendation from your colleagues, neighbors, family, and friends, and ask them about their experience with the company. The repair work on a car, that has faced a major collision, is not an easy task; therefore, the best way is to utilize the experiences of people who have previously worked with the repair company.

Always Ask Relevant Questions

You should always ask your repair shop relevant questions about the repair work. In this way, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by knowing hidden charges before the repair work is completed.

Never hesitate in asking questions and always make sure the workers are trained, recognized and certified. Asking specific questions such as,

  • Does the repair shop install used, salvaged or aftermarkets parts?
  • Does the type of warranty provided by the company cover you in case of any complications later on?
  • Will the final invoice be the same as the quote they are giving to you initially?

Asking such questions will definitely give you a better idea about the offered services.

Get Multiple Estimates

It is advised to take several estimates before you finally select a repair shop. Visit different auto repair shops and compare their rates to avoid paying overcharges. However, this does not mean that you should choose the company that offers the lowest rate amongst all, as such companies do not perform quality work, especially in the case of major collision repairs, and you will end up facing more problems with your car down the road.

The above mentioned are just a few things to consider in choosing the best auto repair shop in town. In addition, you should also follow your intuition and visit the repair shop before you hand over your car for the repair work.