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Prepare a Plan to Follow Before an Auto Accident

Have you ever had an auto accident? Lucky you, if the answer is no. However, you can’t ignore the fact that car accidents are common, and can happen all the time. Does this mean something for you? You should learn about insurance and other important information so that you know what to do if you are ever involved in one.

Understand your auto insurance policies

One of the best ways to prepare for a car accident is to get all details about your auto insurance policy. For instance, you should precisely know which kind of damage is covered, and which are excluded. Also, ascertain that your coverage is adequate.

You should also know what deductible you would have to pay, as well as other expenses that are likely to go into your pocket. Talk to reps with your insurance provider, and go over all these details and relevant clauses in the policy with them.

Once you know everything that there is about auto insurance, go ahead, and familiarize yourself with the claim process as well. If you do this right now, you won’t have to face any suspires in the face of an accident. Doing this would also give you an idea of what information you should convey to the insurance provider, what you can do to expedite the process and what you can do to maximize your settlement.

Make it easy for information to be found

You can injure yourself in a car crash, regardless of how good a driver you are. In such a condition, you may not be able to provide responders with emergency contact numbers and necessary details about your medical history. Thus, you should keep all important information in the glove box so that anyone can easily locate it. Here is what you should definitely include.

  • Contact details of two to three family members or friends, your insurance provider and doctor

  • List of medicines which you take regularly

  • Your medical conditions

If this information is handy, then responders may be able to offer better care to you on spot.

Know what information you should collect

If there is ever an auto accident, you would be expected to get some information and share it with the police, insurance company and other authorities. You should know the make and model of your vehicle, and you should also notice the manner in which the other party leaves the accident scene. If you can, get contact details, driving license number and name of insurance provider of the other driver.

You should also get names and contact details of other car passengers and eye witnesses. If you have a camera, get pictures of the damage to your car and surrounding property. Also, jot down the times, dates, and any other details which you think would be useful.

Don’t be the offender

Though laws may differ in every state, leaving an accident site without exchange of information can lead to traffic charges.