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How to Detail Your Auto to Perfection by Yourself

Transforming your car’s looks requires some effort and knowledge about car detailing. The process of car detailing involves cleaning, restoring and finishing both from outside and inside. It is not to be misunderstood as normal cleaning or washing of the automobile because this process has way more to it. Although people usually devote this much attention when they have to showcase their automobiles or stage it in showrooms, you can do it without any specific reason, because let’s face it, everyone drools over well detailed, great-looking cars.

Detailing your car is entirely possible at home and you can easily do it yourself, but the cause will require you to have some basic equipment and time commitment.

Although the cost difference between doing it yourself and getting a professional to do it would not be highly significant in doing it yourself, your initial investment for purchasing the right equipment will go a long way in helping you save a lot in the longer run. If you have made up your mind that you will definitely allot your time and some initial investment towards detailing your car, here is what you need to know.

Interior Cleaning

Removing dust and dirt

  • Wipe dust from the interior (Seats, dashboard, speedometer etc) using a microfiber cloth
  • For more extensive cleaning and reaching every nook and corner, you can use an air spray
  • Then clean the floor carpet of the auto with the help of vacuum crevice tool
  • Wash the carpets of the automobile

Washing windows from interior

Cleaning the inside of windows is important which is often neglected.

  • Use a glass cleaner product and a microfiber glass-specific cloth
  • Instead of rubbing them in round circles wiping them with straight line strokes gives better result
  • Then using a plush microfiber cloth, rub clean the windows

Restoring leather

  • Using an all purpose cleaner, clean the leather items and objects present in the automobile

Cleaning dashboard

  • Console, dashboard and other such hard surface can easily be cleaned using an all purpose cleaner
  • Use a microfiber cloth for the purpose

Sprucing up seats

  • Get a brush and pour some cleaner on the seats and rub the product in circular motion
  • Then using a microfiber cloth, wipe the surface

Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning wheels

  • Choose a water based, acid-free wheel cleaning solution
  • Apply the wheel cleaning solution to the wheels and wait for a few minutes before starting to brush them with water
  • After the process, give a final rinse to the wheels with water

Washing the exterior

  • Remember to scrub the dirt from in between the grooves and body panels
  • Use a car soap for body cleaning purposes, instead of a dish soap
  • Don’t use shower towel or beach for drying the exterior

Smoothening by paint clay

  • Using spray wax, wash the body of your automobile
  • Dry the automobile, take some clay and crush it into putty
  • Spray wax again but only on the half section, and spray some of the wax on paint clay.
  • Rub the clay slightly on the surface in straight strokes
  • Continue the process until you can feel surface smoothened

In the end, you can polish and wax your car to get the detailing process done.

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