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4 Tips to Protect You Car’s Paint Job

While parking your car in the mall’s parking lot, you see hundreds of cars with perfect paint jobs. You get out of your car and look at it and realize that the car you bought just 5 months ago looks as if it is 2 years old!

The problem: its paint job.

A car’s paint job is susceptible to a lot of wear if it is not maintained properly. There are too many environmental elements that can erode a car paint job and give it a horrible look. This also lowers its resale value and could end up costing you a pretty penny. Before deciding to repaint your car, why not look at some of these tips that we have gathered on how to maintain your car’s paint job. But first, let’s read about what causes the paint job to erode initially:

Heat and Sunlight

Leaving a car parked under direct sunlight can do untold damage to the paint job. The UVA rays cause the paint to absorb dirt and moisture, which forms a fine film on the paint. This causes the color to fade and it causes uneven patches of color to form on the car. So, to stop this from occurring if possible,  park your car in the shade.

Bird Droppings

Tree sap and bird droppings are highly acidic, which tarnish the car’s paint by leaving permanent stains. To protect these issues from causing damage protect your car with a car cover and if possible, buy one with ultraviolet protection.

Car Shine Tips

1.     Cleaning Bird Droppings

Cleaning bird droppings is an easy task but you need to do it fast because the acid in the droppings will seep into the paint. Keep a bottle of rubbing alcohol in your car and some pieces of cloth. As soon as you see a bird dropping, clean it with some rubbing alcohol and then discard the cloth. You can also clean it with a mild car-cleaner such as Angelwax Revenge.

2.     Use Car Soap to Wash the Car

Meguiar’s Ultimate Car Care Kit has all the necessary liquids for cleaning your car. The kit contains liquid wax for shine, rubbing compound for removing scratches, post-wash wax and protectant shine for that final touch. It also contains a mitt, several applicator pads and microfiber cloths. For beginners, this is the best car kit as it allows you to clean the whole exterior of the car.

For an afternoon wash, once every week, use Meguiar’s G7101FFP Gold Class Car Wash. Make sure to use fresh water and after washing, park the car in a dry and cool area. Also, refrain from taking it out for a drive for a few hours, until the car is completely dry.

3.     Clean the Top Layers of Dirt with Clay

California Gold’s Clay Bar is the best treatment for the car’s paint job. The car should be cleaned with the bar before applying the wax. This eliminates any grittiness and graininess from the car, which allows you to apply wax easily. This way, the wax lasts longer and with the help of the Instant Detailer Spray, the paint job gets an extra layer of protection.

4.     Use a Chamois Cloth for Removing Scratches

Scratches on a car are a sore sight. They can be hard to get rid of and most people end up spray-painting the area. Tackle this problem with the Advanced Rubbing Compound by 3M. This liquid clears the scratch quickly and makes the paint job look as good as new.

So, to keep your paint job looking great, head on over to your nearest Walmart or car parts store and buy these products to give your car the shine it deserves and to maintain its paint job.

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