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Here are the Best Auto Paints in the World

A neat paint job can transform the appearance of an average looking car into a special one. Do you know that darker auto colors need more finishing touches to look good than the lighter ones?

When you want to paint your car, you try to go for only the best auto paint company you can afford. However, this auto paint task requires both the reputable paint company and a professional car painter to achieve the best results.

Good car paint not only protects the car’s surface with more endurance but also provides an excellent finish to your car. There are a variety of car paints available and these can be divided into:

  • Economic auto paint brands
  • Mid-tier auto paint brands
  • Premium auto paint brands

Let us have a look at some of the best auto paints available now.


This auto paint is known as the number one brand in the business. MAACO offers a variety of auto services to its users and performs excellent work if you need a quick touch up or other services. The services are readily available and up to par. While you may have to keep a bit more in the budget for your car paint, you will definitely get hooked to their professional services.


Just like MAACO, DuPont is also known for its offered services. These may include auto estimates, auto paint, severe repairs, rentals, and reports etc. To get the services of DuPont, you may need to check the local websites or perhaps phone books to locate their exact locations.

Earl Schwab

This national firm, well known for its services, has been around for a long time. Earl Schwab offers a similar type of auto services like MAACO but still need to compete to reach the same standard. There is a possibility that Earl Schwab enjoys higher customer satisfaction than MAACO, but that is because it has fewer stores in comparison and that must not be considered while you search for the best auto paint in the world.

Ford Motors

Ford Motors is very less known in terms of its national work. However, Ford offers various auto services through the use of its wide network of 6500 dealers in the country. They work with Ford standard parts and provide services to third-party automobiles. They are known for their commitment and excellent customer satisfaction rankings. If you choose them to get your vehicle painted, you will find them standing behind the work, ensuring that you come back with a positive image of them.


If you are searching for some exceptional services and excellent paint job, you must consider PPG. They are known to offer very high-quality custom paint applications. For specialty jobs, you can also get the paint designed as per your choice to give your car a showroom quality look.

The list above lines up some of the most favorable auto paint brands to assist you in getting started with your search for the one you like. In fact, you cannot call a particular brand as the winner in automotive paint services.